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Early Years are vital years for children and their parents in providing appropriate opportunities for personal, social and physical development, enabling children to start school as confident young learners.  We strive to achieve this and are members of the Early Years Service in Northern Ireland.

The Tots & Pre-school Room (2-4 years)

A room filled with fun and laughter. Your child will be provided with age appropriate toys and resources to encourage all areas of development, with our staff monitoring their progress on a daily basis.  


The pre-school child will be prepared for full-time school in a fun and caring environment.  We have developed a programme which encourages learning in a play-based, informal setting.


After Schools Room (5-11 years)

Our After Schools Room is a place where children arrive after a busy school day.  They can relax in a homely environment and are given a chance to complete their homework.  A daily routine of play, fun and homework mixed with craft and quiet time is achieved through age appropriate toys and activities as well as outdoor fun time.



Early Years Specialists & Rooms


The Baby Room (0-2 years)  

A bright, warm, colourful and homely room for children aged 0-2 years. This environment is both calm and stimulating, encouraging your child to play and learn in a safe place, monitored at all times by our highly trained staff.  In the baby room we are able to follow the routines that your child is used to at home, allowing them to sleep and have bottles when needed.  As your child grows, we find the babies’ routines synchronize, enabling them to eat together, have sleeps and quiet times together, then play and socialise together.  All children have their own diary so that you can read all about your child’s day, we document; sleep times, food consumption, nappy changes and activities your child has enjoyed each day.  Once your child is confident and ready for the next stage, we will be encouraging them to mix with the older children and this will be done gradually through ‘taster’ sessions.

Your child will both learn and play at our nursery, as we have developed a structured, yet fun approach which ensures all-round development for children.  Our highly trained team will gently guide your little one towards their own learning goals, keeping a smile on their face and laughter on their lips.

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